COVID Safe Events in QLD

Updated 5th March 2021

So are you planning an event and confused about COVID? We don’t blame you, it can be very frustrating. However, it is critical that you follow the local governments rules and regulations to keep your guests or patrons safe.

Holding a wedding or planing a small or major event then here are a few links and some quick bullet points to start you off.

Please note that all effort is made to keep this page and the links up to date, however we are not responsible for the individuals interruption or out of date information.  It is the responsibility of the individual or the Event Manger to make sure that all information is correct.  We request that you check all information is current. Head to  Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) | Queensland Government  or  Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport ( for more up to date information.


Industry-Framework-for-COVID-Safe-Events_FAQs_FINAL.pdf (

COVID Safe Events | Queensland Government (

COVID Safe Event plan template (

Key points when planning an event. It must be hosted in accordance with the following conditions (outside of a declared Impacted Area):

Organisers of events with more than 500 (indoors) / 1500 (outdoor*) people and operating in compliance with an Approved Plan other than a COVID Safe Event Plan must notify the Public Health Unit of the event a minimum of 10 business days before the event via the COVID Safe Event Plan Submission Portal


This can be very confusing. The Wedding Industry information is supplied within the Restaurant and Catering section. COVID Safe Industry Plan – Wedding Industry (

As we specialize in Marquees we would like to bring to your attention that a walled Marquee or tent is considered a indoor venue. So if it is fully enclosed the indoor venue rules must be adhered too.

An indoor venue is considered:

  • building structure such as atriums
  • temporary or permanent marquees (If the walls are lifted for the duration of the event then this is considered and an outdoor area and outdoor limits apply)
  • tents (e.g. circus or performance tents).

If any curtain walls, panel walls or other fittings are used to fully enclose an area at any time, even if it is to protect it from the elements, it should be considered an indoor venue. This includes if these are used for short periods during bad weather and to enclose an area for customer comfort and safety.

If in doubt, you should operate the area as an indoor space or ask one of staff.

Some key points

NUMBER OF GUESTS: (want more than allowed then hire one of our Event Planners)

PUBLIC WEDDINGS/PARTIES/GATHERING (Venues, Parks, etc) 200 person

PRIVATE WEDDINGS/PARTIES/GATHERING (Home or non registered venue): 50 persons

For example, if you plan to host a naming ceremony in your backyard – and you have a Event Planner engaged to manage the event that is operating under an approved COVID Safe Plan, the event can have more people attend. As long as, the event is held in line with the rules of the relevant COVID Safe Plan for example the Weddings Industry COVID Safe Plan.

COVID SAFE PLAN REQUIRED: Yes unless under these numbers


DISTANCING/PHYSICAL SPACE: 1 person per 2 sqm and a record of all person attending and working at the events. Unless outside these numbers

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Standing and seated eating are permitted under a COVID-Safe Event Plan. The cake used for the ceremonial cutting of cake should not be served to guests. Buffets are not permitted unless served by catering.

DANCING: Permitted. No restrictions.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Social distancing

MASK RULES: No restriction